Welcome to the Official Kevyn M. website!!! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit.  Kevyn M has worn many hats in his career and is currently striving to reach out and touch the masses with his powerful feature length documentary "The Way to Kevin" filmed by Reel 9 Productions, as well inspire through his video YouTube channel and Kevyn M Photography.  Kevyn is using the creative arts to impact the LGBT Community. Join him in his journey to change lives.

the way to faith... 
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Kevyn M Photography

I am in need of basic things like lenses, flashes, studio lights, filters and one of the most important tools a photographer can have... a business card.

Photography to me, isn't just a hobby, nor is it just a career decision. To me, photography is an ART.

I am inspired to tell stories through colors, shapes, the human form, light and shadows. I take on the responsibility to capture moments that will last long after memories fade.

​​Would you please find it in you hearts to help me to turn my passion for photographic art into something tangible?

Every cent helps. Thank you all so very much in advance for helping me take my passion to the next level.

-Kevyn M.

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The Way to Kevin