Worlds Apart is a story told with passion about a young man named Price. Price is a young LGBT dance instructor who is struggling to find his way into adulthood while battling self-acceptance and the acceptance of his family. Throughout his life; Price has run into multiple obstacles from the generational barriers he faces living with his grandparents, the mental and emotional abuse from his drunk father, and the betrayal and abandonment of a sociopathic lover. It isn’t until he meets physical therapist Travis Wells through a mishap that he even starts to realize that he needs to get his life in order. The question is, will Travis be able to take on the fight; having to get his life is order as well.


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Kevyn Mines was born on May 30th, 1984 In Philadelphia PA. Throughout his life, Kevyn has worn many hats. Producer, Screenwriter, Actor, Photographer and Philanthropist. Kevyn was raised in a middle class working family of four in North Philadelphia. Kevyn graduated from University City High School in 2002. After high school, Kevyn worked at Radio Shack and not long after he started his career in acting and screenwriting. While in Philadelphia, Kevyn volunteered with countless youth groups, church ministries and safer sex organizations. Promoting Health & Wellness through the arts.

In 2010 after the completion of his documentary entitled, “The Way to Kevin” filmed by Reel 9 Productions, Kevyn relocated to Atlanta GA. While in Atlanta, Kevyn co-created and Executive Produced award nominated hit YouTube Web Series, “Mommas Boi”. In 2016, Kevyn created social support group 'GoodPlus' for young black MSM living with HIV. Now living in Bronx, New York Kevyn works as a “Community Outreach Assistant” for HIV Prevention Research with the HPTN (HIV Prevention Trails Network), Host of “The GreatMines Show”, and now writer and executive producer of “Worlds Apart Web Series”.