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Being HIV Positive isn’t a bad thing, but carries such a nasty stigma.

GoodPlus was created to provide support to HIV Infected Men of color who have sex with men; to connect them to resources, and other men who have had similar experiences, creating a brother hood that fosters healthier living.

Its Mission is to eradicate stigma associated with being HIV Positive.


By creating a safe space; participants are able to openly discuss anything related their diagnosis. We will utilize platforms like Facebook, and other social media outlets to share with members across the country. As we grow in numbers we will have several branches in several cities that will serve as a place to host monthly meetings.

Stigma associated with sero-positivity can inhibit one’s ability to live a healthy life. Because of stigma, people tend to hide in secrecy, avoid appropriate conversations when engaging sex. It can even led to depression, anxiety and even suicide.

 It is the objective to partner with several organizations who offer a variety of resources to individuals who are positive from insurance, legal assistance, housing, food, counseling, etc. so that all of our members can live a healthier lives.