Serial Kiler Emanuel Woods Returns in Season 2 of BAIT to inflict more damage. Emanuel is back and has his eyes fixed on a new set of victims.
One by one they fall as he continues his endless search for love... May God have mercy on all of us...

Our Vantage Point is a NEW Web Talk show hosted by Dwight Allen O'Neal & Rock Rockafella that Kyng Kevyn is a co-producer on. In the spirit of Nathan Seven Scott, Dwight and Roc sit down and discuss various topic with enthusiasm and so much personality. Be sure to check in to catch up on the latest episodes!

Momma'z Boi is a story of a mother and son, finding themselves and re-introducing themselves to each other. When Michael King comes home from college to share some news with his mother Lin King (Marketing Exec) he didn't receive the reaction he expected. After putting Michael out she feels guilty because she's faced with the skeletons in her closet. Watch as this story takes you on a journey full of laughs, tears, and jaw-dropping suspenseful cliff-hangers.